by Mateen Akhtar

We had a nice function last week with our neighbors Alhumdulillah!  We’re really glad we participated and it was quite well-received by neighbors.  We had friendly conversations about kids, schools, travel, food, work, neighborhood stuff, etc.  We got to know their kids & personalities, and they got to know more about us.  They appreciated that we took the initiative to reach out to them.  They enjoyed the food and learned some about our culture.  We didn’t overtly discuss Islam but discussed our Umrah trip this past year and people had heard of some unfortunate events from this year’s Hajj.  We discussed a bit about how our kids have memorized or are memorizing the Qur’an.  One neighbor brought a bottle of wine, which we kindly returned at the end of the function, letting her know we don’t drink alcohol.  Several neighbors took some food home and we shared some contact info.  This campaign provided the motivation to do this much overdue & important outreach. Hopefully, when these people think of Muslims, they will think of welcoming & friendly neighbors with family values, rather than the negative stereotypes they see about Muslims in the media.

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Mateen Akhtar